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May 23, 2023

National Communications Magazine has partnered with the vendors shown below for our readers to receive exceptional customer service or special discounts. Check back regularly for new partners from America’s Hobby Radio Magazine.

If you are a vendor of hobby radio-related items or services, please send an email to for information how we can partner with you.

Ham Radio Prep

Click on the ad below to go to Ham Radio Prep’s website. Use COUPON CODE NatCom20 at checkout to receive a full 20 percent discount on any amateur radio licensing courses or course bundles. Study for your USA FCC Technician, General or Extra class ham radio license in an easy-to-use multimedia environment. Tens of thousands of individuals have received their ham license after studying with Ham Radio Prep.

Scanner Master

Scanner Master is the nation’s oldest and largest scanner-only dealer. They’re scanner specialists not only when it comes to buying a new scanner or receiver, but also with accessories and much more! Be sure to check out all the scanner-related items on Scanner Master’s website. Click on the ad below to learn more about our partner.

More to come!

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